Group Tours

Minimum of 15 people per group


$6.00 per person with hayride

$5.00 per person without hayride



  • Only ONE school will be allowed on the farm at a time. 

  • Activities will be sanitized between each school.

  • Stations will include

    • Educational Area

    • U-Pick Apples

    • Old Fashion Cider Press

    • Playground

    • Hayride (Optional)

  • Teachers have the option to opt-out of any of the stations however, the price will stay the same.

  • Teachers must know the playground/farm will still be open to the public. Guests will have access to the playground, pavilion and store. We will sanitize between groups but there is the possibility that other Leaman guests will be on the playground at the same time or have will have played between groups. Guests will NOT have access to u-pick apples, old fashion cider press or the hayride.

  • Masks will be required for all those attending the field trip.

  • We will provide sani-wipes throughout the tour. If teachers have a preference for wipe, please bring your own.

  • We will not be able to social distance within one class. However, if multiple classes come per school, we will be able to keep the classes separate if asked.

  • Donuts and cider will not be served at Leaman’s. Teachers will be given donuts in dozen packages and cider in gallons to take back to their classroom.

    • We will provide the option to package the donuts and cider signally, however there will be additional packaging costs.

      • Cider -$0.50 per person

      • Donuts -$0.50 per person

Please call 989-695-2465 to schedule your tour

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