Leaman's Green Applebarn is the perfect place for those looking for a fun, fast-paced working environment. Leaman's has a wide variety of jobs giving you the opportunity to experience and learn many new skills. If you love working outside, making yummy treats, and going the extra mile to put a smile on a customer's face then Leaman's Green Applebarn is the perfect place for you. Become a Leaman's team member today by dropping your application off to the Leaman's gift shop.


Leaman's is looking for part-time seasonal employees to fill the positions of tour guides, customer service, bakery staff, outdoor entertainment and much more. Leaman’s is currently hiring for positions in the morning, day and evening of weekdays and weekends.


The following job descriptions are for positions at Leaman’s Green Applebarn. A wonderful aspect of Leaman’s is the opportunity to be trained in multiple positions to create for a new and exciting work day every day.


Tour Guide

Being a Tour Guide is a rewarding position. You get to help kids learn about the farm and watch them enjoy their experiences. It is your job to make those experiences fun, exciting and educational for your guests. You are the heart and soul of the Leaman's experience. Many guests decide to return with their families if their tour was exceptional. When exceeding expectations on tours you are ensuring the return of that school next year, and possibly new schools.

Minimum level of service requirements:

  • Storyteller/Entertainer

  • Present to greet group at their arrival in parking lot.

  • Prepared for tours a head of time

  • Stays with group at all times

  • Must be willing to do all aspects of tour

  • Must be willing to work with all age groups and be able to adjust to all age groups

  • Patient, entertaining yet educational

  • Flexible, Dependable, available

  • Keeps tour stops clean for the next group

  • Assist others when without tour


Customer Service

Customer service is a position with many responsibilities, such as stocking the shelves or produce, cashiering, bagging, helping guests, answering the phones and any interactions with the customers. It is important because you are the face of Leaman's Green Applebarn. You are the 1st and last impression of the farm. You are the one who helps the customer, provides them with exceptional customer service. You are the reason they leave saying "WOW.. I cant wait to come back!"

Minimum level of service requirements:

  • Must leave all baggage at home

  • Contagious SMILING and politeness.

  • Offer radical hospitality

  • Knowledgeable about apples, our products, our history, where activities are on the farm, how to tell good product from bad (apples)

  • Must know how to run the POS system

  • Must have experience with money and giving back correct change.

  • Stays aware of what's happening in the store for security reasons

  • Keeping the store clean and safe.

  • Keeping register stocked with bags, paper, surveys, passes etc.

  • Correctly taking bakery orders and  seeking approval on scheduling tours.


Caramel Apple Maker

Caramel apples are a fall tradition for some families. They spend all year waiting to take that sweet/crisp first bite. Your job is to give the guest a quality product. Go above and beyond expectations to create the best caramel apple. One bad caramel apple will reflect on our reputation of quality products.

Minimum Level of service requirement:

  • Food safety Knowledge


  • Able to work independently, quickly, and precisely

  • Always creating the best caramel apple

  • Knowledgeable on what apples to use (changes daily) and what temperature caramel, and apples should be at before making caramel apples.

  • Keep track of supplies and when to order more.

  • Precision in packaging, labeling.

  • On top of ALL caramel apples orders so they are done on time and meets expectations of quality.

  • Creativity with toppings, designs, and new ideas.


Donut Maker

Donuts are our #1 selling item. People come from all over just to have a warm cider donut. You are visible to the public and they love to see the donuts being made.  This job requires someone who is safety minded in working with hot grease and can produce a quality product.

Minimum level of service requirements:

  • Food safety knowledge


  • Quality oriented

  • Able to work independently or with others, quickly, and precisely

  • Cleanliness, the ability to keep kitchen and supply closet clean and orderly.

  • Patient and able to work under pressure.

  • Willing to work during busy hours so guests can watch donuts being made

  • Keeps track of supplies and when to order so we DO NOT run out.



Concession Staff

Our guests get hungry during their time here, and even though we have yummy baked goods, people like to have an option that contains protein. By offering concessions we meet the need of those guests so they are able to stay longer. Food creates energy, and energy is needed to run around and have fun on the farm.

Minimum level of service requirements:

  • Food safe knowledge and handling

  • Cleanliness

  • Keeping food surfaces and picnic tables clean and washed off

  • Use of register, able to handle money.

  • Stocking between guests

  • Knowledge of property and attractions.

  • Engaging customers

  • Contagious smiling

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